Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications

Everything you wanted to know about abstract algebra, but were afraid to buy

This text is free to download, but if you are doing more than just browsing, then purchasing a paperback print copy is much less expensive than printing it on a laser printer, significantly less expensive than a single copy (unbound) at a copy shop, and even less than prices charged by copy shops when ordering multiple copies at a discount. And for just a few dollars more you can have a hardback version. Before ordering, you might want to examine an evaluation copy.

NOTE (2015-08-23): Be certain to read the note below about changes made in the 2015 Annual edition before purchasing an older hard copy, new or used.

A nicely printed and bound (hardcover or paperback) copy of the 2022 Edition of AATA can be purchased for less than $18 (price at the start of the Fall 2022 semester). It is available at your favorite online retailer or by special order from your local or college bookstore. This is a service provided by Lon Mitchell of Orthogonal Publishing. The author, while supportive of this edition, is not involved directly in any way, including financially. The ISBNs for the 2022 Edition are: 9781944325176 (hardcover) and 9781944325169 (paperback).

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A Note About Editions

There have been some discrepancies in numbering in earlier editions as the open source version has evolved and improved.

  1. The 2015 Edition has many non-trivial changes to numbers of theorems, examples, figures, etc. within each chapter. Chapter numbers are unchanged. We also intend that the numbering of the exercises remains unchanged (but instructors may wish to verify their existing problem lists).
  2. For the 2011 Edition, a chapter on normal subgroups and homomorphisms was split into two new chapters, affecting the numbering of later chapters.
  3. The 2009 print version lacks highlighting of some inline definitions.
  4. The orginal commercial version contained a Chapter 0, now numbering begins with Chapter 1.