Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications

Everything you wanted to know about abstract algebra, but were afraid to buy

Download Annual Edition

From the links below you can download a PDF version of Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications and the corresponding LaTeX source which is licensed under the GFDL.

The current edition is for the 2014-15 academic year and contains about 25 new corrections from the previous year's edition. It also verifies and updates substantial material about Sage to version 6.3, available in various electronic forms (see Sage and AATA). The 2009 PDF version is very close to the original text, as first published by PWS Publishing Company in 1994. Since then, the copyright has transferred back to the author, making this open source version possible. A full copy of the copyright transfer is distributed with the source code in the local subdirectory.

A print-on-demand edition is the most affordable way to get a physical copy of the entire text.

Development Versions, Source Code with Revision Control

Source code is transitioning to GitHub, formatted with MathBook XML, so much of the following will soon be irrelevant. Check back here for the public repository once it is available.

Periodically a current snapshot of the book as a PDF is available here. These are not archived, nor tagged in the source code repository. They simply accumulate fixes or additions made to annual official releases. If there is nothing listed here, then use the current Annual Edition.

The absolute most recent version is available as source code through a Mercurial repository at bitbucket.org, the specific address is http://bitbucket.org/judson/aata. Links below to source code archives come from bitbucket.org, so the "current version" links are the most up-to-date version.

If you would like to participate in contributing to the book, you will want to use Mercurial. Then you can create a local copy of the source code by doing the following in a terminal window:

  1. Set your working directory to a place where a new directory named aata can live.
  2. Issue the command: hg clone https://judson@bitbucket.org/judson/aata
If you would like to make substantial contributions to the book, sending a Mercurial patch or a pull request is welcome. If you wish to make substantial contributions, or create an alternate version, please save yourself some trouble and contact the author beforehand.

Source Code Archives

Cover from PWS Publishing Edition, 1994