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\(G\)-equivalent, Paragraph
\(G\)-set, Paragraph
\(n\)th root of unity, Paragraph Paragraph
Abel, Niels Henrik, Paragraph
Abelian group, Paragraph
Ackermann's function, Exercise
Adleman, L., Paragraph
Algebraic closure, Paragraph
Algebraic extension, Paragraph
Algebraic number, Paragraph
division, Theorem
Euclidean, Paragraph
Ascending chain condition, Paragraph
Associate elements, Paragraph
Atom, Paragraph
inner, Exercise
Basis of a lattice, Paragraph
Bieberbach, L., Paragraph
Binary operation, Paragraph
Binary symmetric channel, Paragraph
Boole, George, Paragraph
Boolean algebra
atom in a, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
finite, Paragraph
isomorphism, Paragraph
Boolean function, Paragraph Exercise
Burnside's Counting Theorem, Theorem
Burnside, William, Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph
Cancellation law
for groups, Paragraph
for integral domains, Proposition
Cardano, Gerolamo, Paragraph
Carmichael numbers, Exercise
Cauchy's Theorem, Theorem
Cauchy, Augustin-Louis, Paragraph
Cayley table, Paragraph
Cayley's Theorem, Theorem
Cayley, Arthur, Paragraph
of a subgroup, Paragraph
Characteristic of a ring, Paragraph
Chinese Remainder Theorem
for integers, Theorem
Cipher, Paragraph
Ciphertext, Paragraph
parallel, Paragraph
series, Paragraph
series-parallel, Paragraph
Class equation, Paragraph
BCH, Paragraph
cyclic, Paragraph
group, Paragraph
linear, Paragraph
minimum distance of, Paragraph
polynomial, Paragraph
Commutative diagrams, Paragraph
Commutative rings, Paragraph
Composite integer, Paragraph
Composition series, Paragraph
Congruence modulo \(n\), Example
Conjugacy classes, Paragraph
Conjugate elements, Paragraph
Conjugate, complex, Paragraph
Conjugation, Example
Constructible number, Paragraph
Correspondence Theorem
for groups, Theorem
for rings, Theorem
leader, Paragraph
left, Paragraph
representative, Paragraph
right, Paragraph
Coset decoding, Paragraph
Cryptanalysis, Paragraph
affine, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
monoalphabetic, Paragraph
polyalphabetic, Paragraph
private key, Paragraph
public key, Paragraph
RSA, Paragraph
single key, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
disjoint, Paragraph
De Morgan's laws
for Boolean algebras, Item
for sets, Theorem
De Morgan, Augustus, Paragraph
Decoding table, Paragraph
Deligne, Pierre, Paragraph
DeMoivre's Theorem, Theorem
Derivative, Paragraph
Determinant, Vandermonde, Paragraph
Dickson, L. E., Paragraph
Diffie, W., Paragraph
Direct product of groups
external, Paragraph
internal, Paragraph
of the cubic equation, Exercise
of the quadratic equation, Exercise
Division algorithm
for integers, Theorem
for polynomials, Theorem
Division ring, Paragraph
Euclidean, Paragraph
principal ideal, Paragraph
unique factorization, Paragraph
Doubling the cube, Paragraphs
Eisenstein's Criterion, Theorem
associate, Paragraph
identity, Item
inverse, Item
irreducible, Paragraph
order of, Paragraph
prime, Paragraph
primitive, Paragraph
transcendental, Paragraph
Equivalence class, Paragraph
Equivalence relation, Paragraph
Euclidean algorithm, Paragraph
Euclidean domain, Paragraph
Euclidean group, Paragraph
Euclidean inner product, Paragraph
Euclidean valuation, Paragraph
Euler \(\phi\)-function, Paragraph
Euler, Leonhard, Paragraph Paragraph
algebraic, Paragraph
field, Paragraph
finite, Paragraph
normal, Paragraph
radical, Paragraph
separable, Paragraph Paragraph
simple, Paragraph
External direct product, Paragraph
Faltings, Gerd, Paragraph
Feit, W., Paragraph Paragraph
Fermat's factorizationalgorithm, Exercise
Fermat's Little Theorem, Theorem
Fermat, Pierre de, Paragraph Paragraph
Ferrari, Ludovico, Paragraph
Ferro, Scipione del, Paragraph
Field, Paragraph
algebraically closed, Paragraph
base, Paragraph
extension, Paragraph
fixed, Paragraph
Galois, Paragraph
of fractions, Paragraph
of quotients, Paragraph
splitting, Paragraph
Finitely generated group, Paragraph
Fior, Antonio, Paragraph
First Isomorphism Theorem
for groups, Theorem
for rings, Theorem
Fixed point set, Paragraph
Freshman's Dream, Lemma
bijective, Paragraph
composition of, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
domain of, Paragraph
identity, Paragraph
injective, Paragraph
invertible, Paragraph
one-to-one, Paragraph
onto, Paragraph
range of, Paragraph
surjective, Paragraph
switching, Paragraph Exercise
Fundamental Theorem
of Algebra, Theorem Theorem
of Arithmetic, Theorem
of Finite Abelian Groups, Theorem
Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory, Theorem
Galois field, Paragraph
Galois group, Paragraph
Galois, Évariste, Paragraph Paragraph
Gauss's Lemma, Theorem
Gauss, Karl Friedrich, Paragraph
Gaussian integers, Example
Generator of a cyclic subgroup, Paragraph
Generators for a group, Paragraph
Glide reflection, Paragraph
Gorenstein, Daniel, Paragraph
Greatest common divisor
of two integers, Paragraph
of two polynomials, Paragraph
Greatest lower bound, Paragraph
Greiss, R., Paragraph
Grothendieck, Alexander, Paragraph
\(p\)-group, Paragraph Paragraph
abelian, Paragraph
action, Paragraph
alternating, Paragraph
center of, Paragraph
circle, Paragraph
commutative, Paragraph
cyclic, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
dihedral, Paragraph
Euclidean, Paragraph
factor, Paragraph
finite, Paragraph
finitely generated, Paragraph
Galois, Paragraph
general linear, Example Paragraph
generators of, Paragraph
homomorphism of, Paragraph
infinite, Paragraph
isomorphic, Paragraph
isomorphism of, Paragraph
nonabelian, Paragraph
noncommutative, Paragraph
of units, Example
order of, Paragraph
orthogonal, Paragraph
permutation, Paragraph
point, Paragraph
quaternion, Example
quotient, Paragraph
solvable, Paragraph
space, Paragraph
special linear, Example Paragraph
special orthogonal, Paragraph
symmetric, Paragraph
symmetry, Paragraph
Gödel, Kurt, Paragraph
Hamming distance, Paragraph
Hamming, R., Paragraph
Hellman, M., Paragraph
Homomorphic image, Paragraph
canonical, Paragraph Paragraph
evaluation, Example Paragraph
kernel of a group, Paragraph
kernel of a ring, Paragraph
of groups, Paragraph
ring, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
maximal, Paragraph
one-sided, Remark
prime, Paragraph
principal, Paragraph
trivial, Example
two-sided, Remark
Indeterminate, Paragraph
Index of a subgroup, Paragraph
first principle of, Principle
second principle of, Principle
Infimum, Paragraph
Inner product, Paragraph
Integral domain, Paragraph
Internal direct product, Paragraph
International standard book number, Exercise
Irreducible element, Paragraph
Irreducible polynomial, Paragraph
Isometry, Paragraph
of Boolean algebras, Paragraph
of groups, Paragraph
ring, Paragraph
Join, Paragraph
Jordan, C., Paragraph
Jordan-Hölder Theorem, Theorem
of a group homomorphism, Paragraph
of a ring homomorphism, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
private, Paragraph
public, Paragraph
single, Paragraph
Kronecker delta, Lemma Paragraph
Kronecker, Leopold, Paragraph
Kummer, Ernst, Paragraph
Lagrange's Theorem, Theorem
Lagrange, Joseph-Louis, Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph
Laplace, Pierre-Simon, Paragraph
completed, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
distributive, Paragraph
Lattice of points, Paragraph
Lattices, Principle of Duality for, Axiom
Least upper bound, Paragraph
Left regular representation, Paragraph
Lie, Sophus, Paragraph Paragraph
Linear combination, Paragraph
Linear dependence, Paragraph
Linear independence, Paragraph
Linear map, Paragraph
Linear transformation
definition of, Example Paragraph
Lower bound, Paragraph
Mapping. See Function
distance-preserving, Paragraph
generator, Paragraph
inner product-preserving, Paragraph
invertible, Paragraph
length-preserving, Paragraph
nonsingular, Paragraph
null space of, Paragraph
orthogonal, Paragraph
parity-check, Paragraph
similar, Example
unimodular, Paragraph
Matrix, Vandermonde, Paragraph
Maximal ideal, Paragraph
Maximum-likelihood decoding, Paragraph
Meet, Paragraph
Minimal generator polynomial, Paragraph
Minimal polynomial, Paragraph
Minkowski, Hermann, Paragraph
Monic polynomial, Paragraph
Mordell-Weil conjecture, Paragraph
Multiplicity of a root, Paragraph
Noether, A. Emmy, Paragraph
Noether, Max, Paragraph
Normal extension, Paragraph
Normal series of a group, Paragraph
Normal subgroup, Paragraph
Normalizer, Paragraph
Null space
of a matrix, Paragraph
Odd Order Theorem, Theorem
Orbit, Paragraph
Orthogonal group, Paragraph
Orthogonal matrix, Paragraph
Orthonormal set, Paragraph
Partial order, Paragraph
Partially ordered set, Paragraph
Partitions, Paragraph
cycle structure of, Exercise
definition of, Example Paragraph
even, Paragraph
odd, Paragraph
Permutation group, Paragraph
Plaintext, Paragraph
code, Paragraph
content of, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
degree of, Paragraph
error, Paragraph
error-locator, Exercise
greatest common divisor of, Paragraph
irreducible, Paragraph
leading coefficient of, Paragraph
minimal, Paragraph
minimal generator, Paragraph
monic, Paragraph
primitive, Paragraph
root of, Paragraph
separable, Paragraph
zero of, Paragraph
Polynomial separable, Paragraph
Polynomial!in \(n\) indeterminates, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
largest element in, Paragraph
smallest element in, Paragraph
Power set, Example
Prime element, Paragraph
Prime ideal, Paragraph
Prime integer, Paragraph
Primitive \(n\)th root of unity, Paragraph Paragraph
Primitive element, Paragraph
Primitive Element Theorem, Theorem
Primitive polynomial, Paragraph
Principal ideal, Paragraph
Principal ideal domain (PID), Paragraph
Principal series, Paragraph
Pseudoprime, Exercise
Quaternions, Example Example
Resolvent cubic equation, Exercise
Rigid motion, Paragraph Paragraph
characteristic of, Paragraph
commutative, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
division, Paragraph
factor, Paragraph
homomorphism, Paragraph
isomorphism, Paragraph
Noetherian, Paragraph
quotient, Paragraph
with identity, Paragraph
with unity, Paragraph
Rivest, R., Paragraph
RSA cryptosystem, Paragraph
Ruffini, P., Paragraph
Russell, Bertrand, Paragraph
Scalar product, Paragraph
Second Isomorphism Theorem
for groups, Theorem
for rings, Theorem
Shamir, A., Paragraph
Shannon, C., Paragraph
Sieve of Eratosthenes, Exercise
Simple extension, Paragraph
Simple group, Paragraph
Simple root, Paragraph
Solvability by radicals, Paragraph
Spanning set, Paragraph
Splitting field, Paragraph
Squaring the circle is impossible, Paragraphs
Standard decoding, Paragraph
centralizer, Paragraph
commutator, Paragraph
cyclic, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
index of, Paragraph
isotropy, Paragraph
normal, Paragraph
normalizer of, Paragraph
proper, Paragraph
stabilizer, Paragraph
Sylow\(p\)-subgroup, Paragraph
translation, Paragraph
trivial, Paragraph
Subgroup!\(p\)-subgroup, Paragraph
Subnormal series of a group, Paragraph
Subring, Paragraph
Supremum, Paragraph
closed, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
open, Paragraph
Switching function, Paragraph Exercise
Sylow \(p\)-subgroup, Paragraph
Sylow, Ludvig, Paragraph
Syndrome of a code, Paragraph Paragraph
Tartaglia, Paragraph
Third Isomorphism Theorem
for groups, Theorem
for rings, Theorem
Thompson, J., Paragraph Paragraph
Transcendental element, Paragraph
Transcendental number, Paragraph
Transposition, Paragraph
Trisection of an angle, Subsection
Unique factorization domain (UFD), Paragraph
Universal Product Code, Exercise
Upper bound, Paragraph
Vandermonde determinant, Paragraph
Vandermonde matrix, Paragraph
Vector space
basis of, Paragraph
definition of, Paragraph
dimension of, Paragraph
subspace of, Paragraph
Weight of a codeword, Paragraph
Weil, André, Paragraph
Well-defined map, Paragraph
Well-ordered set, Paragraph
Whitehead, Alfred North, Paragraph
multiplicity of, Paragraph
of a polynomial, Paragraph
Zero divisor, Paragraph